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In our latest customer meetings it has become increasingly clear that traditional paradigms for managing extensive network assets are becoming obsolete. This is primarily due to increased competition and subsequent need of simpler, quickly extensible and more efficient networks. 

In 2001 Network Operations Center (NOC) people wanted to see bits per second for capacity, drops per second for errors and processor utilization for getting new fancy hardware. A couple of years ago, NOC converged into a Service Operations Center (SOC) which verified services purchased by customers. This still offered a chance of buying fancy Business Support Systems (BSS) with humming servers. Still a paradise for substance (hardware) dependend people. 

Today there might be no physical xOC location left, only a group of screens and a few people taking in calls and arranging repairs, implementations and upgrades to the network. 

Tomorrow those screens may no longer show bits, bytes or any other deeply technical information. It will be all about dollars (or euros) generated, lost or jeopardized – per second, per purchased asset. 

BaseN can currently, by minute, display a geographical map of, say, 3.700 3G/LTE base stations and assign them color status according to the calculated revenue/profit produced by each one. In a negative or zero revenue situation, a base station is either misplaced (in original engineering), misconfigured or malfunctioning. Only this then triggers an engineering action. 

This is Revenue Assured Engineering using BaseN Platform, which applies to networks and assets in Energy, Telecom and related infrastructure from which data can be acquired. It starts from the design and simulation table and grows with revenue-generating assets. 


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