Patent granted for BaseN core technology

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Patent # 8,949,050 was granted for BaseN’s core technology, including systems, devices, protocols, and processes for collecting, storing, accessing, and presenting information of energy usage in real-time throughout a smart grid energy system.

Patent Abstract: An energy usage data visualization process includes receiving an energy data presentation request from a user, processing the energy data presentation request by the customer portal service module, and retrieving energy usage data associated with the energy data presentation request. The energy usage data is retrieved from a storage device, which is communicatively coupled to the customer portal service module. The service module produces a visual output based upon the presentation request and the retrieved energy usage data. The service module produces the visual output for presentation onto the display of the end user interface, by using an energy data visualization template of a template module application. The template module application is determined by the energy data presentation request, and is stored on the customer portal service module. The customer portal service module has a housing that is separate from the housing of the end user device. Source:

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