BaseN ensures availability of Kesko’s store operations and supply chains

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BaseN Platform monitors and controls the entire Kesko’s ICT infrastructure, which services 2000 stores in 8 countries. BaseN ensures functionality and availability of the end-to-end services for supply chain, sales support and point of sale transactions. 

Kesko is a leading European multi-sector retailer with headquarters in Finland. BaseN Platform provides real-time overview of the status of Kesko’s hardware, applications, network and telecommunications, while meeting individual Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements of all retail shops. BaseN also provides root cause analysis, thus enabling faster recovery from possible fault situations and planning for capacity and equipment requirements. Over 60 000 elements per minute and 10 million transactions per month are recorded by BaseN Platform, thereby enabling early reporting of service degradation. 

“Ensuring 365/24/7 availability of the ICT infrastructure is crucial for a big retail chain and BaseN Platform’s extreme fault tolerance has been enabling us to successfully deal with this challenge for the past 8 years. BaseN Platform is highly scalable, allowing Kesko’s ICT infrastructure to keep up with the retail chain growth – an average of 120 shops can be added or subtracted from the platform monthly”, says Benjamin von Nandelstadh, Head of ICT Infrastructure and Indirect Sourcing at Kesko.  

“We’re happy to be supporting Kesko’s ICT infrastructure for 8 years already. Moreover, BaseN Platform has all the capabilities to collect, analyze and control data from many more objects within the retailer’s chain. BaseN enables retailers to monitor and manage the environmental things: energy, water and the likes, as well as critical elements like freezers, ovens, POS stands and any other physical elements in the shop infrastructure”, says Jukka Pananen, VP Sales at BaseN. 

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