No 5G but 10G – Fueling Connectivity for Digital Inclusion

No 5G but 10G
Building a fiber network from scratch

Our own telecom fiber network building project here in Degerö (my home village) is on its final stages. The backbone connections are mostly completed. A number of homes, cottages and business facilities will be connected shortly. Each one with no less than 1 Gigabit per second symmetric capacity. As the central BaseN PoP is in our garage, my remote working network capacity is nowadays plain 10 Gigabits per second.

BaseN has strong roots in telecommunications. So, when the mainstream operators decided to do away with their fixed copper lines and offer mobile-only ‘broadband’, we decided to support the local community and build some 25km of own telecom fiber network, to ensure that people can truly work remotely with the latest applications.

Most mobile networks have had serious challenges with the Covid-19 remote working boom. Our archipelago in the Gulf of Finland presents additional radio woes as radio waves tend to reflect from the sea and the ensuing fog, causing all kinds of undeterministic coverage issues.

BaseN – strong roots in telecommunications

We are responsible for everything else than the actual digging. We also used this project to train our people to understand how modern telecommunication networks are built. Our sales, marketing, finance and even legal department have, in addition to technology of course, joined in splicing fibers, installing panels, routers and switches into racks and creating as-built documentation.

From time to time we’ve also supported other local initiatives in designing and managing this kind of networks. Challenges are most often not technical, but commercial and political as there are easily too many stakeholders like the government, local council, cooperatives and so on. But with just BaseN, the project will be completed ahead of schedule, and will have about 100x the capacity customers used to have, also very affordably.

As a corporate citizen we are doing our part in bridging the Digital Divide. This time by introducing 10G instead of 5G.



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