Meet the IoT achievers: Pasi Hurri speaking at the Internet of Things Meetup in Helsinki

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Pasi Hurri, President and CEO of BaseN, is presenting BaseN’s IoT capabilities at the IoT Meetup: Powering the Internet of Things with Distributed Databases in Helsinki on 28th of May at 18.00. The globally happening IoT Meetups bring together company representatives, entrepreneurs, students and other stakeholders working with and interested in IoT.

Pasi Hurri will provide insights on the different data categories that need to be considered for the Internet of Things. There are Things that will not move around and sit in the same geographic location for most of the time, whereas other Things such as connected cars move around a lot, even between countries, and at very fast speed. This combines the need for not only time series data but also for location data, as well as new levels of data migration and data synchronization. In this context, Pasi Hurri will introduce BaseN’s own distributed database and spime ideology.

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