Enabling industry-transforming IoT services in energy and health: Meet BaseN at TM Forum

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BaseN continues developing its IoT projects for TM Forum together with high-level partners. The latest developments in the Smart Energy and Digital Health catalysts will be presented at TM Forum Live in Nice, France from 1st to 4th of June.

The Digital Health catalyst, where BaseN cooperates with Ericsson Verizon  and Orange is going to demonstrate two uses cases. The first one is the genuinely new addition focusing on senior citizen’s loneliness at home. There, the catalyst team explores how the myriad of IoT data from an array of devices, sensors and meters at home is used to gain insights into the everyday behavior patterns of the senior citizen. This can be utilized to detect arising changes that could mean increasing health issues or development of depression. 

The second eHealth use case offers healthcare providers the means to determine a course of action based on active tracking of health conditions via medical devices. Starting with onboarding of partners who supply product offers to the ecosystem, this case then follows the patient journey from application download, product offer ordering, device monitoring, data handling, home visits and authentication of a nurse, and appointment scheduling. Watch Elaine Haher, Director Business Development at Ericsson, elaborating on the Digital Health here .

Smart Energy: Connecting the Smart City Home to the Grid, lead by BaseN and including partners Hydro-Quebec Birmingham City University BC Hydro Infonova  and Esri  demonstrates how utilities can benefit from incorporating M2M and IoT. It showcases the integration points and digital handshakes necessary to scale and connect energy producers, utility providers, grid operations, service providers and vendors with customers. Anders Viden, VP Product Management, shares the insights into progress of Smart Energy catalyst here.

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