Leading the way into a carbon neutral future – BaseN Platform as a scalable aggregator

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BaseN CEO Pasi Hurri and SVP Sales Jukka Paananen are joingin the Smart Energy Åland ICT solutions workshop held on 7.5.2019 in Mariehamm.

The workshop is hosted by Flexens, which was founded to implement the full society scale demo of a 100% renewable energy system. Mr Hurri will present BaseN Platform, demonstrating how it can serve as a scalable aggregator for an island energy system with real-time, high-availability control and management for grids. Further, he will lead the round table discussion on “Deliverables of the Åland Energy Solution (Concept – Technical – Commercial)”.

“BaseN considers this initiative as a major driver for bringing Finnish energy branch experience to the global market place as combined solutions”, says Jukka Paananen, SVP Sales, BaseN. “BaseN as an aggregator in the energy arena can contribute with its thorough IoT and Industrial Internet knowledge significantly. This opportunity brings the unique knowledge from the Nordic market place together and it creates unique prosperous business opportunities for the future.”

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