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Next week we’ll demonstrate our initial measurements coming from humans instead of those usual machines. This will not be brain EEG yet, but blood pressure and pulse from our booth visitors in TM Forum event in Nice. 

Medical measurements have long been governed by strict regulations and common practices, while granularity and long term analyses have been primarily tied to university level research, as I contemplated in a previous blood pressure blog entry

The granularity of medication has also remained stable for tens of years, with most pharmaceutical companies manufacturing 2-4 different sizes of tablets and other types of doses. 

People vary in size and metabolism a lot. When we have accurate measurements from the body, dosages can also be adjusted individually and treatments can be timed exactly based on present antibodies and pathogens. This would be especially beneficial with antibiotics, overuse of which is a growing problem. 

You’re heartily welcome to our booth – just prepare to be measured. But don’t worry, this time results will be anonymized. 


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