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This week I met with a couple of experienced CIO types from $2B+ manufacturing and engineering companies. Due to mergers and acquisitions, they both had landed positions in which one of their primary tasks is to evaluate IoT platforms for their current and future products.

In order to map the market, they had decided to test quite many providers and we were shown beautiful user interfaces and dashboards running on Amazon AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure and e.g. ThingWorks, latter running at a local telecom operator. A typical pilot consisted of 1 to 10 of their current products and a few kbit/s data stream.

From our perspective it is interesting how much effort these providers put into one-off pilots and demonstrations, instead of showing and proving the sustainable roadmap and scalability of their services for millions of products of the customer.

What comes to dependable platforms for real IoT-oriented businesses, key factors are global connectivity, technical and financial scalability, platform sustainability and compatible technological evolution. You need to have clear answers from your provider what it means when you have 1000 or 10 million things connected and sending 10Mbit/s or 120Gbit/s data to your virtual back office.

Within the next 5-10 years, your product can no longer exist without spime, the digital twin of anything you produce. Therefore, you need to start planning the scalable architecture and connected product & service strategy already today. Even when you’re producing paper cups.


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