Internet of Saunas – A Centennial with BaseN

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For the Centennial of the Finnish independence in 2017, the Traveling Sauna project built a podium for drawing attention to the technology forerunner and globally competitive Finland. In January 2017, they started what has become a world record in sauna journeying.

With currently processing close to one million transactions per second, BaseN offers an inherently scalable, global Internet of Things (IoT) Platform that offers the perfect foundation for monitoring and tracking the sauna’s journey through the United States as well as it’s temperature and humidity in real-time. The traveling sauna started in Minnesota and continued to Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle to name only a few.

The emergence of ubiquitous connectivity of things, “even saunas”, creates a vital need for a Platform to capture, store, process, analyze, visualize, and control extreme volumes of data in real-time, which enables the transformation from physical products to intelligent services in any industry. Since saunas play an important role in health and well-being it is natural to monitor and control the different parameters to assure optimal and most efficient functionality.

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