Easy access for Telenet through BaseN Platform

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Telenet, a leading Belgian telecommunications and data center service provider, relies on BaseN’s globally distributed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment for their growing customer base and operations. Telenet operates throughout the Benelux area and has used BaseN Platform already for the past 10 years to ensure their customer service level agreements (SLA).

Telenet selected BaseN because it is cost-effective, scalable, flexible and the best fit to Telenet needs. Further, the rapid and flexible deployment through BaseN’s SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business model enabled an easy transition from in-house operations to BaseN Ptlatform. Telenet uses the service for their own operations and in addition provides end customers with access to the service operations through BaseN Platform.

Since the transition from in-house operations to BaseN, Telenet could save costs and labor, while the availability and customer satisfaction increased significantly..

“What we achieved with this transition is utilizing the simplicity of offering our services from secure and fault-tolerant BaseN cloud environment, instead of using up extensive resources to build our own scalable cloud infrastructure”, says Samuel de Smet. “Providing effortless access to the services of our customers adds a lot of value. It has never been easier for them to buy data center server capacity.”

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