From product to intelligent services – BaseN CEO’s keynote at Living bits and things event

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The Living bits and things 2017 conference takes place from June 19th to June 20th in Bled, Slovenia. This year marks the 7th anniversary of the forerunner IoT conference in Central and East Europe (CEE) region. The conference runs in three major verticals – Smart Healthcare and Wellbeing, Smart cities and Industry 4.0.

In his keynote, BaseN President & CEO will illustrate the transformation from Digital Twin to Spime. Mr. Hurri will present how spimes enable the conversion from traditional products to smart services – in any industry.

The BaseN Platform is currently processing close to one million transactions per second. As products evolve in increasingly digital ways, there is a vital need for reliable Platforms. With BaseN Platform’s immense data processing capabilities, BaseN leads the way for easy mass customization of products and services in any industry with its own, secure infrastructure for mission critical applications.

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