From M2M to IoT to the Real World

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During the last year I’ve heard many arguments from embedded hardware manufacturers, telecom operators and enterprises that the Internet-of-Things traffic is just a trickling, compared to existing Internet traffic comprising of web, video and similar content.

From BaseN perspective, this is plain wrong, just like the 80s notion that mobile phones would never reach the general public; only the business users and the government would gradually adopt them. Well, consumers disagreed and there are soon more active mobile phones than people.

With modern 4/5G mobile connections, a wideband IoT connection is not only possible but will actually unleash a new wave of development of totally new kind of applications. We can now envision telesurgery and crowdsourced TV programs, but the real killer applications will most likely be something we’ve never envisioned, involving e.g. hundreds of GoPro 5G cameras with thermal imaging and other sensing capabilities.

This is why BaseN is now building a Global IoT Operator, initially capable of handling hundreds of gigabits worth of omnidirectional traffic from media, IoT and emerging new industries. It is now time to prepare for the uninvented, just like Mr. Kairamo of Nokia did in 80s.


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