From Digital Twin to Spime – BaseN’s paramount Internet of Things event goes Italy

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Presenting a fast and agile transformation from products to services in any industry, BaseN introduced an unmatched IoT event, SPIME2015 in Amsterdam followed by the anticipated SPIME2016 event in Helsinki. 

BaseN is proud to announce SPIME2017 taking place from September 21 to September 22 in Turin, Italy, at Casa Jasmina. BaseN invites you to join the Industrial Internet of Things Community of SPIME2017 to hear from thought leaders and industry experts about the evolution from Digital Twins to Spimes

The concept of a digital twin (DT) dates back to 2002 and the IoT made it cost-efficient to implement. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a product, service or process. With the help of digital twins and data analysis problems can be eliminated before they even occur in physical reality. The evolution of a digital twin is spime, the master incarnation of any thing. Spimes record and manage the full lifecycle of their physical representations. A spime is formed when things’ all essential coding is managed in the cloud. It is so mission critical that Gartner named it one of the top 10 strategic Technology trends for 2017. BaseN shapes the future by introducing the transformation from Digital Twins to Spimes. 

At the core of the BaseN design philosophy is the concept of Spime, a logical incarnation of any thing. Spimes record and manage the full lifecycle of their physical representations as physical hardware and support software come and go. Such an object can be considered a Spime when all of its essential programming is managed in the cloud. The Spime concept was originally crafted by the author Bruce Sterling as a neologism for a futuristic Internet of Things object.

Developers participating SPIME2017 are welcome to join a Hackathon powered by BaseN Platform to experience the shift from data to dashboard in minutes.

The registration is open until September 15th. Admission fee is 95 Euro. The registration link and more information can be found here. There is a discount available for students. Please contact Communications Officer Sonja Schubert for further information.

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