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STORY is a European research and innovation project demonstrating new energy storage technologies and their benefits in distribution systems, involving 18 Partner Institutions in eight European countries. STORY has been running for two years and will continue for the next three years, until 2020.

STORY partners are operating eight demonstration sites in five countries, namely Spain, Germany, Slovenia, Belgium and the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland). A combination of electric batteries, compressed air energy storage, and various thermal storage systems are being evaluated at these sites, ranging from residential district micro grids to major industrial installations. The STORY sites moreover integrate other technologies such as PV, wind, heat pumps and CHP, showcasing what value energy storage can add to a flexible and secure energy system, in combination with these technologies.

At the core of the STORY project, BaseN gathers the measurement data from various installation sites and acts as a data aggregator providing it for all the project members in real time. Every site will provide data from different sensors with differing frequencies, so the BaseN platform is used to commensurate all these data streams to standard time series format. The collected data is displayed in an easily understandable, concise and relevant way – real time and historical, which will enable the STORY team to successfully analyse and demonstrate the value.

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