Energiewende in Action – BaseN and VolkerWessels in Germany

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VolkerWessels is one of the largest construction companies in the Netherlands. BaseN Platform enables VolkerWessels to expand their zero energy house constructions to the German market. To date there are over 1000 houses already built in the Netherlands.

Each house is a system

A small controller, installed in each house, gathers data from all installation components and communicates with BaseN Platform over the broadband connection of the house. BaseN Platform records the entire lifecycle of the house as each house comes with a warranty: The house, as a system, does not use any energy over the year. A certain amount of energy is reserved for the daily appliances families use. Further, any calculation or analysis can be done backwards in time, allowing for scenario analysis. Forecasts are created based on all known performance data of the house.

BaseN has been the Platform for pioneering energy efficiency initiatives such as Adjutantti and  Spinelli, enabling real time consumption and performance information to smart building residents, maintenance and service companies. With construction and energy companies attempting to offer an increasingly sustainable, smart and safe living option, BaseN breaks ground for them to roll out sophisticated energy management systems cost-efficiently.

About BaseN

BaseN has been serving international manufacturing giants and major ICT companies for the past 16 years in order to turn them into Industrial Internet forerunners. The BaseN Platform brings the required scalability to manage the entire lifecycle of billions of Things. It is the perfect foundation for a wide range of different Industrial Internet and Internet of Things (IoT) services and applications, e.g. in smart buildings and smart factories.

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