Crossing one million spime transactions per second – another record year for BaseN

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BaseN is proud to announce that the customers’ volume in transactions per second reached the one million mark in 2017. By offering an inherently scalable, global Internet of Things (IoT) Platform BaseN meets the customers’ ubiquitous scalability requirements.

BaseN Platform is the ideal fit for the exponentially growing number of sensors and other connected devices. It enables customers in any industry to transform their traditional products into spimed digital services and embrace new business models. BaseN paves the way for easy mass customization of products and services with its secure environment for mission critical applications.

By being a global full stack IoT Operator, BaseN can ensure end to end service to customers anywhere.

BaseN Platform is a distributed system that collects, stores, analyzes, visualizes and controls massive amounts of data from millions of Things and their environment. Unlike traditional architectures, BaseN Platform is designed to be fault tolerant, inherently distributed and scalable.

For more information, please contact our CMO Corina Maiwald (corina.maiwald (at) or Communications Officer Sonja Schubert (sonja.schubert (at)

About BaseN

BaseN, established in 2001, has a proven track record of being the engine for managing millions of data points from countless sources. The core features of BaseN’s global full stack IoT platform are scalability, fault tolerance and its inherently distributed architecture. Currently BaseN Platform processes over one million spime transactions per second. Spimes store every piece of code together with all collected data from and around physical objects in the Internet of Things, enabling the creation of intelligent services around products.

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