Diving into spimes – final IoT expert speaker lineup for SPIME2017

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The Internet of Things is quickly evolving and connectivity is of paramount importance in any business. Companies that did not yet adapt to the future business models are already lacking behind.

The concept of a digital twins dates back to 2002 and the IoT made it cost-efficient to implement. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a product, service or process. With the help of digital twins and data analysis, problems can be eliminated before they even occur in physical reality. The evolution of a digital twin is spime, the digital master of any thing. Spimes record, manage and control the full lifecycle of their physical representations. Spimes bring enormous efficiency improvements to companies and enable them to turn their products into intelligent, continuously evolving services.

Many companies and organizations like GE and NASA use digital twins to model missions that would be literally impossible to monitor in real time in the physical world.

BaseN Platform is currently the only one on the market that hosts, manages and controls spimes. Come to join us on September 21 and 22 at SPIME2017 at Casa Jasmina, Turin, to hear from companies that already transformed their operations through IoT and hear their visions for the future of IoT and spime.

We are proud to announce our final speaker line-up:Bruce Sterling, author, futurist & columnistJasmina Tesanovic, political activist and TedEx speakerAndrea Barisani, Head of Hardware Security, F-SecurePirita Vainio, Head of Digital and Innovation, NCCYacir Chelbat-Persson, Director Business Development and Innovation, Securitas Sverige ABDr. Andrej Gubina, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, (European Union, STORY)Satyan Shah, Director, IoT Solutions, TrimbleRiitta Ståhl, Head of Growth Projects, FortumRoberto Minerva, Technical Leader, SoftFIRE Michael Hartman, Country Manager, BaseN

The registration is open until September 15th. Admission fee is 95 Euro. The registration link and more information can be found here. There is a discount available for students. Please contact Communications Officer Sonja Schubert for further information.

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