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CrewSight, a next generation IoT environment for the construction industry, has been launched in 2016 and enabled process optimization with enhanced overall security at construction sites. Since July 2017 more than 100 thousand workers and their safety are being managed with Crewsight and the number steadily increases. 

CrewSight, powered by BaseN Platform, can enable tight tracking of progress to spot discrepancies and identify opportunities to optimize the work process. This is particularly important in regards to labor costs as they can contribute up to 40% of total project costs. Further, it offers a flexible and scalable system that is easy to deploy and real time tracking of labor and tools. Through CrewSight, BaseN Platform also offers powerful analytics and correlations to increase construction efficiency and overall security. Multiple construction sites can be seen from the same web portal, which makes supervision and monitoring remarkably efficient. 

BaseN and Trimble started cooperation in 2014 and the Platform usage continues to expand. 

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