Breaking innovation ice with BaseN – SPIME2016

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SPIME2016 took place on Icebreaker Urho in Helsinki, Finland on November 29-30, 2016. It brought together thought leaders in the field of Internet of Things, to discuss innovation and the transformation from products to services among different industries.

“BaseN views that spimes are the very core objects of the Internet of Things, so it was a natural choice to have the world-known author Bruce Sterling, who coined the term spime in 2005, as our Keynote speaker” says Pasi Hurri, President & CEO of BaseN.

Mr. Sterling delivered a joint Keynote with his partner Jasmina Tesanovic, a political activist and TedEx speaker. Together they introduced their connected home of the future, CasaJasmina, located in Torino, Italy. Designers and makers are constantly welcome and invited to experiment there.

The speaker lineup continued with Mr. Mika Skarp, founder and CTO at Cloudstreet, introducing the future of connectivity with the first LTE/5G mobile network-ready business model to commercialize the delivery of guaranteed bandwidth capacity on-demand. The next insightful presentation was given by Dr. ir. Paul Valckenaers, who presented how to design for the unexpected by defining ICT architecture in terms of application domains. The first day ended with a presentation by Dr. Thierry Klein, Head of Innovation Management for Verticals at Nokia, who gave great insights on the future of the programmable world, connected people and things.

“On the second day, we held a SPIMEathon at our premises, as we wanted to give attendees the chance to get their hands on the world’s leading IoT Platform”, says Sanna Regina, Service Manager from BaseN Operations.

In the SPIMEathon, Sanna unveiled some of the key capabilities of my.basen, BaseN’s industrial grade entry point for creating massively scalable, fault tolerant, secure and globally available Internet-of-Things applications. With my.basen, developers can trial their concept devices, services and spimes globally in a matter of hours, allowing them to invent a new Uber, AirBnB or Nest Thermostat – virtually every day.

The next annual SPIME event will be held in the second half of next year in Torino, Italy. If you are interested in a speaking slot, please contact communications officer Sonja Schubert at

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