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BiiSafe, the leading wearable personal safety and IoT-device company, and BaseN, provider of an extreme-scale platform for spimes in the Internet of Things, introduce the new BiiHome solution that detects the presence of tenants at home. Based on the presence information, the building’s spime takes desired actions. 

“When we first discussed with BaseN in October 2015, they asked if we could together create a smart and cost effective way to automatically detect the presence of people at home. So far, typical solutions provide a mechanical switch close to the exit door the tenants must remember to push when leaving their homes. The BiiHome-system changes this. It is based on detecting the presence of smartphones at home. Since everybody has their smartphones always with them, utilizing this fact is very logical. In the app there is also a manual switch that can be used to toggle between home and away status”, explains Jouni Suutarinen, COO & Co-founder of BiiSafe. 

There is a strong need for smart contextual safety and energy efficiency services that are suitable for both already existing and newly built buildings, without having to make big technology investments. Common problems in apartment buildings are water leakages in single apartments that remain undetected when no one is at home. Even a short period of leaking can cause extensive damage and harm to the entire building. 

“With BiiHome, water leakages are quickly detected and fixed. BaseN platform enables several quick automatic actions such as closing the magnetic valves of the water pipes in the specific apartment or through sending alerts to the 24×7 alarm monitoring center that provides maintenance and repair services to the apartment house”, says Timo Vitikainen, Business Manager at BaseN. “Similarly, tenants receive a text message alert very quickly after leaving their home when they forgot to switch off an electrical device such as the stove.” 

Lowering room temperatures at home when the apartments are empty offers tremendous energy and cost saving opportunities to the residents, without interfering with their living comfort. Adjusting the room temperatures can be done e.g. through smart thermostats controlled by BaseN platform. 

High security and privacy, high availability and fault tolerance in, for example, power outage situations are crucial elements in IoT-powered Smart Building services. BaseN and BiiSafe fulfill these requirements – BaseN as the leading mission-critical platform provider and BiiSafe with its leading home safety innovations. 

“I am thrilled how quickly we were able to launch a new solution to solve a very real problem that customers had. We believe that our strategic choice of combining versatile functionality and stylish design gives us a competitive edge over products with only one feature. By starting the co-operation with BaseN we will bring our products and services to a new group of consumers in record time”, says BiiSafe CEO Tuomo Pentikainen. 


Based in Finland, BiiSafe continues a strong local tradition of combining beautifully designed hardware with innovative software that solves real problems.,, 


BaseN is a Global Internet of Things (IoT) Operator enabling the transformation from physical products to intelligent services in any industry. BaseN provides an extremely scalable, fully distributed, resilient and secure real-time monitoring and control platform for ICT, M2M, and IoT combined., 

For further information, please contact: 

BiiSafe, Tuomo Pentikainen, Tuomo.pentikainen(a), +358 40 183 2881  

BaseN, Timo Vitikainen, Timo.vitikainen(a), +358 40 501 4622 

You can see BiiHome in action at Mobile World Congress where BaseN will exhibit in Hall 1 Stand 1E04 

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