BaseN joins FISC: IoT Security is of paramount importance

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BaseN has recently joined the Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC) in order to advocate better security awareness across industries, which are quickly adapting new business models while utilizing Internet of Things technologies.

The BaseN Platform currently processes close to one million transactions per second, bringing the required scalability to manage the entire lifecycle of billions of objects. It further stores, analyses, visualizes and controls the objects, empowering businesses to transform from offering physical products to providing intelligent services on a secure Platform.

The Finnish Information Security Cluster is an organization established in 2012 by major Finnish information security companies to promote their business and operations in national and international context.

The main target of FISC is to improve cyber security. In addition, the organization pursues the following mission: increase cross-border activities, promote public-private-partnerships, enable national depth and width of high-level education and dialogue with national and international regulatory bodies.

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