BaseN joins Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s visit to India

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Selected Finnish companies accompany Prime Minister Juha Sipilä during a Team Finland organized visit in Mumbai from February 12-14, 2016. The visit aims at creating new business opportunities through cooperation between India and Finland in areas such as IoT, healthcare and energy. BaseN joins the delegation to meet existing Indian customers and partners, and to highlight the potential of adopting the Internet of Things for other local companies and the Indian government.

With a global customer base including energy, manufacturing and other heavy industries in addition to new players evolving from product sales into digital services, BaseN brings IoT to the real world. BaseN Platform provides the required scalability to manage the full lifecycle for millions of Things. During the visit, BaseN will also present what spime means for various industries at Make in India Week. In addition to hosting the entire digital life of any Thing, spimes host all associated algorithms that enable control functionalities. With spime, companies are able to turn physical products into intelligent services, and to create entirely new, more sustainable business models.

India with over 1.3 billion inhabitants and solid technology know-how is a perfect market for a large-scale Internet of Things rollout. The Indian government welcomes international IoT forerunners to help India to advance and tackle common problems arising in large density countries. India launched in 2015 its Smart Cities Mission with the goal to create better urban environments throughout the country.

Read more about the Prime Minister visit here.

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