BaseN introduces Smart Data Analytics for Cutting-edge Comfort in Home Management

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Whereas there are many vendors offering either electricity or water or district heating views to users, the market was lacking a service that combines all home consumption information with smart analytics and home control into one user-friendly management interface. That is why BaseN now introduced its smart data analytics for overall Home Management – to be implemented by hardware vendors, construction companies, metering system suppliers, property owners and energy utilities alike – providing relevant consumption information in an easy-to-understand format, and remote home control. 

With this sustainable mobile solution no additional hardware, like in-home displays, is needed. Users simply access their consumption information online with any mobile device, anytime and wherever they are. The information is displayed in means that are most important for the actual users: money and time values. This makes it easier for everyone, even the youngest family members, to track all of their consumption and to have an understanding of their real carbon footprint. The option for receiving positive consumption messages, sharing consumption updates on your Facebook page and comparing your consumption with friends, relatives and even neighbors (anonymously) further enhance the social experience. 

Transparent all-round consumption information  

BaseN’s solution shows the home’s real-time consumption balance information of the current day, month and year. This is very transparent information, comparable to tracking your spending in your bank account online. BaseN’s service also monitors and tracks real-time changes in consumptions and sends information messages to users about cumulative consumption changes that go over the home’s customized threshold values. Smart consumption monitoring and messages about changes over threshold values are supported even on socket/device level. These features provide real living comfort and security. 

There is no need anymore for users’ time consuming efforts, like manually setting saving targets, since the home’s own stored consumption data provided through the BaseN Platform creates the benchmark and motivation for user’s energy efficiency. This is truly user-friendly support for effortless energy awareness.  

In addition, real-time information of the current consumption is always available – you see what you consume when you consume it. This is the perfect tool for learning very easily about e.g. the cost of your home’s idling load and the cost impact of selected devices. Costs of the current consumption are calculated and can be displayed according to user preferences per hour, day, month and year.  

With home automation features in place, the interface also allows for remote control of the home (“home/away” switch, leakage control and others). 

“When you are on your way to your summer vacation and realize you forgot to put your home to energy saving mode or wonder whether you really switched off the coffee maker, you can just take your mobile phone or tablet and put your home to “away” status, turning off all electricity – except, of course, from sockets or devices that must be always on, like refrigerators”, says Timo Vitikainen, Evangelist – Energy Efficiency Solutions at BaseN. “And on your way back from your winter vacation, you can equally easily turn on the “home” status in advance to ensure arriving at a warm home with good air circulation.”  

With BaseN’s proven scalability, the Home Management Interface can be easily and quickly implemented to millions of households, in a cost-effective way. Vendors wanting to introduce the solution as part of their service offering to their customers can rebrand the fully customizable interface to their needs and visual identity. The solution is also ready for demand-response, which puts it in a position ahead of the market. 

“For our partners this unique experience for their customers comes as a Software-as-a-Service offering, with BaseN taking care of the delivery and maintenance, making it a hassle-free solution”, adds Timo Vitikainen. “We believe in a mobile-optimized user experience that is always available, no matter the time or place. Our intelligent analysis follows and correlates individual consumption patterns all the time. It is therefore the best tool to understand the costs involved in your consumption behavior and what impact, for example, new devices will have to your electricity bill.” 

About BaseN 

BaseN is an international platform provider, headquartered in Finland and operating around the globe, dedicated to large scale infrastructure monitoring and management. Founded in 2001, BaseN has developed a comprehensive suite of network data collection and reporting services which are in use by Enterprises, Operators and Energy Companies around the world. 

BaseN’s industrial-strength Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite sets the standard for the measurement, monitoring, storage, analysis, display and reporting of information in public and private infrastructures. The BaseN Platform, powered by advanced grid computing technologies, provides customers of all sizes with an extraordinarily reliable and cost-effective operating environment capable of handling enormous amounts of data in real-time. The BaseN Platform is the most scalable, resilient and reliable architecture on the market. 

For more information, please contact:  

Timo Vitikainen, Evangelist – Energy Efficiency Solutions, BaseN Corporation 

timo.vitikainen(a), tel. +358 40 501 4622 

Jukka Paananen, Vice President – Sales, BaseN Corporation 

jukka.paananen(at), tel. +358 50 387 0793 

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