BaseN at Global Cleantech Summit Showroom

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Global Cleantech Summit, taking place on September 8-10, 2015 in Helsinki, invited BaseN to highlight the company’s role within the Internet of Things in Smart Buildings and how BaseN’s technology enables new levels of energy efficiency.

With Big Data being at the core of the IoT, BaseN’s sophisticated analytics transform vast amounts of data into actionable information. In a Smart Building this includes, among other things, real-time insights to electricity, water and heating energy usage, consumption and pricing forecasts, correlation to other environmental factors, remote home control features and enhanced safety features like early water leakage detection.

In addition, building an energy-aware community is a part of BaseN’s ideology when it comes to efficiency improvements in individual households and creating the means to keep users engaged and interested in their saving potential over a long period of time. For an apartment building complex or row house community that means that households with the same amount of family members can anonymously compare their own energy and water consumption behaviour with each other.

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