BaseN and Digital Sustainability

BaseN and Digital Sustainability

Each year around this time, on the edge of the holiday season, I think of the year 2001. Especially now, as it’s now 20 years ago when I finally decided put together my ideas and the team, and establish BaseN.

Since my first summer job at the age of 14, I’ve had the privilege to see what’s inside real businesses, be it pulp & paper, heavy machinery, energy, packaging, publishing or telecommunications. I’ve seen sustainable and not-so-sustainable business models, large transformations, disruptive changes and above all, many different kinds of leadership. The Finnish Air Force, in turn, taught me that for any successful endeavor, proper situational awaress is key.

So now 20 years later, we have a strong, independent, self-sustained company which, most importantly, provides the same sustainability to customers.

I see that business sustainability actually arises from the leadership mindset. Best minds maintain the situational awareness and technological progress and quickly adapt, while accumulating wisdom.

Now in the era of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, gamification and virtual reality, a traditional business leader can easily feel overwhelmed and disconnected. However, the time is now to ensure that your product and/or service is digitally sustainable. Otherwise your competitor will.

BaseN postulates that the Master Digital Twin, or spime as we call it, for any and all products and services, is a far more important paradigm shift into the digital realm than any past ERP, CRM, CAD/CAM, or even Internet or so-called Cloud revolution (I often remind people that Cloud is actually just other people’s computers).

With a full-fledged DT/spime, resource efficiency, complete lifecycle management and maintenance of real time customer relationship finally come together. This is what BaseN is built for – for real businesses.


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