BaseN adds powerful math to your fingertips

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Since the latest release, all BaseN Platform users can now manipulate their measurement and control data with powerful snap-in algorithms such as Percentile, Moving Average and Linear Regression. These nestable quickfilters utilize the same parallel processing arsenal as regular templates, thus capable of harnessing the power of hundreds of CPU cores simultaneously at any moment while combing through terabytes of data.

The instantly useful quickfilters include for instance the Linear Regression Least Squares estimation algorithm, which is capable of advanced forecasting with both linear and cyclic data using historical trends. Another one, Timecompare, allows for overlapping visualization of multiple time periods even with millions of data points, making anomaly detection very straightforward.

“It allows end user to apply rapid analysis on realtime raw data flow”, says Ilkka Hela, Software Developer from BaseN Technology team. “People can write, apply and visualize their own time series analysis for all incoming live data.”

BaseN Corporation

BaseN is a mature Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider, with 13 years in continuous development, providing an extremely scalable, fully distributed, resilient, secure, and combined real-time monitoring and control platform for ICT, M2M, and IoT combined. BaseN provides new ways to capture, store, process, analyze, visualize, and control extreme volumes of things and data real-time, which enables next generation digital businesses to greatly improve what they do and how they do it. BaseN is positioning itself as the primary platform for Spimes in the Industrial Internet and Internet of Things (IoT).

BaseN, founded in 2001 and privately held, is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and operates around the globe with 50+ customers in 80+ countries. The BaseN management team consists of Internet-IT-networking veterans with extensive experience in Big Data, and high-scale, fault tolerant, complex, and real-time system management needs.

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