Adjutantti – a successful smart building for over 6 years

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2018 marks the sixth anniversary of smart building Adjutantti and it is still one of the most advanced IoT-powered energy efficient buildings in the world. What makes it unique is the combination of various sustainability elements, ranging from energy generating elevators to real time electricity, heating energy and water consumption tracking, available for all residents and the building’s manager. BaseN Platform easily combines a large variety of sensors and other technologies to process data from, and to visualize it as actionable information. Being an in-production smart building environment for six years already, BaseN proves its sustainability and adaptability in the fast-changing IoT era. 

BaseN’s system provides apartment-specific real-time electricity, water and heating energy management. Through transparent billing, residents only pay their actual consumption. Each apartment is equipped with 10 to 15 sensors for different parameters. The residents also receive an automatic notification about detected malfunctions, e.g. of specific electric devices or water leakages, and consumption forecasts based on the historical consumption data. The information can be viewed through the online user portal, as well as through a screen located next to the entrance door of each apartment. Through the real-time tracking system that BaseN provides, the residents of Adjutantti have been able to reduce their use of electricity, energy and water by an average of 15% and the number is still growing. 

About BaseN 

With energy companies striving to offer increasingly sustainable, smart and safe living options to residents, BaseN paves the way for them to roll out sophisticated energy management systems cost efficiently. BaseN has been serving international manufacturing giants and major ICT companies for the past 15 years in order to turn them into Industrial Internet forerunners. The BaseN Platform brings the required scalability to manage the entire lifecycle of billions of Things. It is the perfect foundation for a wide range of different Industrial Internet and Internet of Things (IoT) services and applications, e.g. in smart buildings and smart factories. 

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