15 years of telco service excellence on BaseN

Telenet, the leading Belgian telecom operator and data center service provider, uses BaseN Platform to control and manage services provided for their constantly growing customer base.

BaseN is Telenet’s platform of choice due to its immense scalability, reliability and the fast and agile implementation. As BaseN offers different deployment options, such as public cloud, private cloud or on-premises, Telenet chose the on-premises option deployed at Telenet’s own data center in Gent. Due to BaseN’s excellence and efficiency, Telenet later transitioned to BaseN Cloud environment. The main driver for this was the high availability of virtual server capacity that is needed by Telenet to better serve their customers.

”The change from the on-premises environment to BaseN Cloud went very smooth. BaseN’s large telecom sector customers, such as Telenor and T-Mobile, usually choose on-premises or BaseN Cloud to ensure strict security, privacy and reliability”, says Jukka Paananen, SVP Sales, BaseN.

“BaseN Platform has been a trusted environment for Telenet for over 15 years and in this growth-driven changing environment BaseN’s flexibility is the key driver for our success”, says Mr. Piet van Cauwenberghe, Director Managed Services, Telenet.

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