Yinchuan embraces Citizen-centricity of BaseN Platform for Smart Cities

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Mr. Guo Baichun, Vice Mayor of the Yinchuan Municipal Government, praised the citizen-centricity of the Digital Health and Smart Energy catalysts at TM Forum Smart City InFocus 2015, after receiving full walk-throughs of both initiatives.

The conference brought together more than 250 delegates including IoT technology forerunners, government officials and Smart City leaders from Dubai, Los Angeles, New York, Bristol, Groningen, Seoul, Singapore and many others.

“Smart City leaders generally confirmed that Smart Cities need to unite all data in one powerful Platform to be able to make sense of it”, says Anders Viden, Vice President of Product Management at BaseN. “The radical urbanization calls for a cohesive Internet of Things approach to create Smart Cities. BaseN Platform offers the mission-critical reliability and scalability to collect, store, analyze and actuate massive data flows from any source in a Smart City. May it be transportation, people flow, healthcare, energy, water, waste; in the end everything that makes a city is connected and innovation spurs on top of the digital realm.”

Smart Energy in the Smart City

Efficiency and sustainability are at the core of the Smart Energy catalyst lead by BaseN. Leaving the Smart Home for work in the morning in a connected car and crossing perimeters along the way enables totally new home automation opportunities. When the home is empty all non-vital appliances such as the air conditioning system are tuned down. Once the homeowner crosses a certain perimeter with her connected car on the way back, BaseN Platform turns on the air conditioning or heating system so that the homeowner comes back to a blissful environment.

Digital Health & Independent Ageing in a Smart City

BaseN Platform enables personal health spimes for every citizen – the base for remote doctor consultations, rapid adjustments of medication and independent ageing. All health data coming from medical devices and fitness or sleep tracking wearables is stored and analyzed in the same secure platform – accessible any time and anywhere through a web portal or mobile device. Alerts sent to the patient or a nurse or doctor make sure that changes in a person’s health are recognized immediately to allow for quick remedy.

In addition, the senior citizens’ quality of life is secured through non-intrusive monitoring. To equip caretakers with the data of the wellbeing of the person, measurements which outline daily routines are analyzed by BaseN Platform. When putting this data together it is evident when a person gets up in the morning and takes a shower, makes coffee, later on cooks lunch and in the evening turns off the lights and goes to bed. Changes to these daily patterns can be indicators of depression or arising physical impediments. Detecting them early allows caretakers to act respectfully and swiftly before serious problems occur.

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