The World in the times of IoT – BaseN hosts World IoT Day event

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In 2010, the Internet of Things Council decided to establish a global IoT day on April 9. Since then, the IoT Day has served globally as an opportunity for everyone within the industry to celebrate the constant evolution of the IoT.

BaseN is hosting an IoT Meetup for all IoT enthusiasts out there. Confirmed speakers so far are Kaj Niemi from BaseN and Erno Aapa from Eliot. You can register to our event right here. In the meantime, we have collected some of our recent pieces on the Internet of Things as must-read articles for IoT trailblazers:

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About BaseN

BaseN, established in 2001, has a proven track record of being the engine for managing millions of data points from countless sources. The core features of BaseN’s global full stack IoT platform are scalability, fault tolerance and its inherently distributed architecture. Currently BaseN Platform processes over one million spime transactions per second. Spimes store every piece of code together with all collected data from and around physical objects in the Internet of Things, enabling the creation of intelligent services around products.

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