The complexity of IoT implementations – BaseN hosts Finnish Information Security Cluster IoT working group

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BaseN is happy to announce the hosting of the next Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC) IoT working group on November 21st. The group will discuss the complexity of Internet of Things (IoT) implementations caused by the diversity of the IoT. The group will further explore topics such as the demystification of wireless, with examples from radio transmission security and how data security can be too complex to be efficient. Presentations will be given by BaseN CEO Pasi Hurri and Aleksi Suhonen, Chairman of the Board at the Trex Regional Exchanges Oy.

“Covert cyber warfare continues to be waged on many fronts”, says Aleksi Suhonen. “Methods that are easier for the public to grasp, such as bugs in software or hardware, tend to get more attention from the media” continues Suhonen. “But methods like exploiting the lack of security measures in the global routing system can be even more effective if they are unknown and can go unnoticed for extended periods of time”.

About BaseN

BaseN, established in 2001, is the inherently scalable computing Platform for hosting billions of spimes, the core objects of the Internet of Things. Spime is the permanent logical brain and memory of any physical Thing. BaseN currently handles over one million spime transactions per second, and enables the transformation from physical products to intelligent services in any industry.

About Trex Regional Exchanges Oy

The Tampere Region Exchange (TREX) project was created in cooperation with Axu TM Oy, eTampere and the Institute of Communications Engineering at Tampere University of Technology in 2001. The project was designed and partners were gathered for the project in 2001 and 2002. In the end of 2002 the company to run the exchange point was formed by Axu TM Oy. The first core switch came online the following year.

About FISC

The Finnish Information Security Cluster is an organization established in 2012 by major Finnish information security companies to promote their business and operations in national and international context. FISC believes that cyber security involves everyone. It requires extensive public-private-partnership cooperation models.

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