Telenet – Continuous growth on BaseN

Telenet, the leading private telecom operator in Belgium, provides telecom services as well as advanced ICT and integrator services to their customers. One of their key offerings is the data center capacity, which is available to their customers as rack space, server capacity or even on detailed application level.

Their key value in data center offering is the very high availability, seamless operations and excellent monitoring, as well as the extensive security and tier one customer support.

BaseN is Telenet’s trusted partner for ICT monitoring on their data centers. The key reason for selecting BaseN is not only the 20+ years of experience, but also Basen’s full stack and agile platform. Furthermore, the multitenant environment and the top-notch security standards are highly valued. Also, the real time information of the services provided to the end customers through their individual portals, alarms, and reports are seen as a key differentiator.

Recently, Telenet shifted several of the data centers to new locations. “I am very satisfied with BaseN’s flexibility in the move where the monitoring worked well all the time despite the heavy technical changes that were done to the environments”, says Mr. Piet van Cauwenberghe, Manager of Support and Cloud Services at Telenet.

“Telecom operator cooperation is one of BaseN’s key business areas, and innovative companies like Telenet can gain benefit of using the full power of BaseN Platform by combining the data agnostic platform capabilities of being the ICT monitoring platform but as well the environmental monitoring solution, Industrial Internet and IoT platform and the home for the Digital Twins of any kind”, says Jukka Paananen, SVP Sales at BaseN.

For more information, please contact Jukka Paananen, SVP Sales, BaseN at


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