Spimed City, Smart City – BaseN at the Tampere Smart City Week

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The Tampere Smart City Week will span out over seven days, from January 25 to January 31. The event presents how Tampere has solved the challenges of Smart City development and identifies what opportunities are created for different industries.

BaseN platform currently processes over one million transactions per second and plays a key role in realizing smart living options such as Adjutantti, Spinelli and Kalasatama – enabling real time consumption and performance information to smart building residents, maintenance and service companies. With construction companies aiming to offer increasingly sustainable, smart and safe living options, BaseN leads the way for them to roll out sophisticated smart management systems cost-efficiently.

BaseN Platform allows seamless onboarding of ecosystem partners as well as integration of any connected objects like smart thermostats. This service allows for automated energy consumption management at homeand establishes a connection between one’s smart home with their smart city. BaseN also focuses on delivering an energy awareness service to end-users to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

If you wish to pre-book a meeting, please send a message to our SVP, Sales, Mr. Jukka Paananen at jukka.paananen(at)


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