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When vendors plan new products and services, it is often forgotten or neglected that the strongest buying influencer is universally the buyer’s identity. This applies to the individual consumer buying socks as well as to a large corporation buying a new factory.

Identity is an unpredictable animal that is hard to measure and grasp, let alone change, no matter how much big data and analytics you throw at it. It is inherent to people and corporations (groups of people), evolving continuously by experiences, knowledge and wisdom.

In consumer products, people buy things which enhance and extend, or at least conform with their identity, which includes e.g. their value networks, beliefs and social status. This process is more often irrational than rational, at least if rationality is defined by financial performance or resource efficiency. Some observers of fashion laptops, phones and tablets call it the RDF – Reality Distortion Field – for a good reason.

This will all change when new products and services are designed from the spime up. While a disconnected, fire-and-forget product only maintains a perception and fame based on external evaluation and beliefs, a Spime product records its full history and provides it with an identity capable of evolution based on the owners’ habits and preferences.

When connected and spimed, your next photovoltaic plant, insulin dosing machine or socks will be more and more attuned to your identity, replacing the RDF with a reality-based Spime Field.


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