Smart Life with a Smart IoT Platform – Meet BaseN at TM Forum’s Innovation InFocus

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The Global IoT Operator BaseN has a leading role at the Smart Life Catalyst of TM Forum. In this context BaseN Platform offers a solution for smart and optimized energy use for millions of end-users. TM Forum Innovation InFocusis running from November 2-3, 2016, in Dallas, Texas. 

The Smart Life Catalyst was awarded in May by TM Forum in the category “Greatest Adoption of TM Forum Assets”. The team, consisting of BaseN, BearingPoint/ Infonova, Esri, NTS retail and Champion Orange, was awarded for producing the most effective implementation of a TM Forum best practice, demonstrating the value of the asset and encouraging adoption. 

BaseN Platform is the perfect base for a wide range of different Industrial Internet and Internet of Things (IoT) services and applications, e.g. in smart buildings. BaseN offers data storage, analysis and visualization for millions of users and already plays a key role in realizing energy efficiency within the construction industry. For example Adjutantti and Spinelli are forerunners offering real-time consumption and performance information to tenants, maintenance and service companies. 

“Smart Cities are in the focus and companies are striving to offer increasingly sustainable, smart and safe living options,” says Anders Viden, VP Product Management at BaseN. “The BaseN Platform enables them to roll out sophisticated smart management systems cost-efficiently in order to realize their initiatives.” 

BaseN Platform also powers the zero energy bill houses built by Volker Wessels throughout the Netherlands. BaseN captures the full lifecycle data of the houses allowing to track changes in energy consumption and environmental patterns. Over time this enables spime optimization of various settings, opening up a whole new smart, resource efficient and sustainable lifestyle for the tenants. 

Come and meet us at the Catalyst area. For more information or if you wish to pre-book a meeting, please contact Anders Viden, VP Product Management at anders.viden(at) 

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