Smart Cities, Smart Solutions – BaseN to speak at IoT Evolution Expo

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Anders Viden, Vice President of Product Management at BaseN, will speak at the IoT Evolution Connected Home and Building conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on January 25-28, 2016. The session is entitled “Smart Grid: Smart Cities, Smart Solutions” and runs on Wednesday, January 27th, starting at 3:00 pm. With Smart Grids and Smart Cities being a hot topic around the globe, focus shifts on the Internet of Things as the enabler.

From a Smart Grid point of view, Mr. Viden will outline BaseN Platform’s role in managing complex electricity outages from singling out errors to tackling the most severe problems first, e.g. getting power back to hospitals, firefighter and police stations. Looking at Smart Cities, he will explain how the smart home of the future is connected with other elements of the smart city it is built in for improvements in energy efficiency.

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