Reuters published an extensive article about the new Academica data center under the Uspenski cathedral. I have to say I’m somewhat surprised on buzz about this project, as it was initially started by myself and the BaseN Chief Engineer Kaj J. Niemi searching for a new, sustainable location for the BaseN Platform in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Apart from being cost efficient and reliable, we also put some emphasis on its greenness, but the latter was not the primary requirement. 

BaseN has been supporting Academica since 2002 in building its core network and services, and as we could not find a data center provider matching our requirements we decided to help Academica to build one for us and other demanding customers. Helsinki Energy seemed like a logical partner with their extensive underground facilities, so I called the CEO Seppo Ruohonen. After touring several caves with his VPs, we ended up selecting the Uspenski one. 

Good things may start also from under the church. 


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