Scalable, Fault Tolerant and Distributed

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Those are the original principles on which we’ve built BaseN. During the last 19 years, our self-sufficiency and independence from the global cloud and singular network providers, and third parties in general has sometimes been called into question as old-fashioned and heavy.

“Develop fast, fail fast, don’t own any assets, concentrate on your core business!” was the standard mantra of your average business development consultant knocking on our door. Right now in the middle of a global pandemic, these features stemming from our Finnish DNA and military background make the company highly sustainable and capable to support fellow companies who struggle with service degradation and delays from their digital providers. Even our Tier 1 telecom providers have capacity challenges due to traffic shifts to underprovisioned access networks now bearing the bulk load of remote working.

Therefore it is vital to have an own peering policy (and be an operator as such), so that we can monitor and route our traffic selectively and on demand. When our customers digitalize the building of very physical power plants and massive data centers or control their ocean-going ship propulsion – or manage the cooling and heating of thoudands of homes, they expect our kind of service level. We are honored by their trust and especially the recognition we’ve gotten during the last six weeks. It is now clear for every business how important Deep Situational Awaress is, what comes to contingency planning and dependency analysis. Like my radar station commander said in 1992: Always when you can afford, buy time for decisions. Beforehand.


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