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My ice hockey career abruptly terminated to a crushed heel when I was 12, after which my interest towards the sport has been on the Planck scale, even somewhat rejecting. However, I have to admit I felt proud of Leijonat winning the world championship last week.

Unlike my wife, I had decided not to watch the live final in our AV room. At some point, though, I could just hear the legendary commentator Antero Mertaranta fuming so excitedly that I decided to check the game situation with my smartphone from Helsingin Sanomat newspaper and YLE, the national broadcasting company, websites – both boasting ‘live’ or ‘real time’ coverage from the game.

It quickly became obvious that their ‘real time’ meant 15 minute delay – something I’d call historical.

But – I still got my live updates, from an unlikely source – Facebook. Many of my friends posted new updates about goals in seconds, and Zuckerberg’s technology delivered them to me – in seconds.

I think this is one of the primary reasons why Facebook practically dominates the social media market. When new networks deliver information in milliseconds, technology built on top should be on par – something that Mark has clearly understood and implemented. Good stuff.


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