Smart monitoring & control for remote locations: BaseN improves energy efficiency & safety in Rwanda

Rwanda is currently investing in building their telecommunications and electricity network infrastructure. With the objective to increase the transmission and distribution infrastructure in the entire country, Rwanda Energy Group (REG) decided to rely on BaseN Platform due to its mission-critical, inherently scalable and fault tolerant IoT platform.  

Critical power supply infrastructure is rolled out in rural areas of the country, with BaseN enabling REG to monitor and control every step of the deployment. In addition, BaseN ensures the availability of real-time information to all stakeholders – one of the key success factors in managing complex energy projects.

"Thanks to BaseN Platfrom, REG was able to focus on their core business”, says Carlos Canto, Vice President of BaseN. “With us, REG was able to successfully implement energy construction projects to achieve cost savings, and to increase the overall safety of the workforce. BaseN’s technology made it possible to follow remotely and in real-time the progress of local activities.”


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