Open doors to Spinelli at Vantaa Housing Fair: Modern environment-friendly urban living

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The Housing Fair is one of the biggest annual exhibitions in Finland. This year’s fair is organized in the city of Vantaa and, unlike the previous events, the fair presents visitors several apartment buildings and loft-houses in addition to traditional one-family houses to put urban living and smart use of space in more congested areas into the spotlight. Two of those apartment buildings – the Spinelli houses, built by NCC, are remarkable because of their energy management system with new price information and forecasting features, provided by BaseN and Vantaan Energia.

The fair is open daily until 9th of August and every Monday visitors have the opportunity to meet BaseN in the Spinelli building to learn more about Smart Homes and energy efficiency in urban apartments. 

In addition to the new approach to energy savings, Spinelli is also one of the few modern “keyless” houses, enabling residents to enter the building with the use of RFID-tags only. The design of the Spinelli apartments as presented at the fair is genuinely unique, since it was created by a rock singer, a makeup artist and a radio marketing manager as part of NCC`s popular project.

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