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During the last nine years, I’ve received hundreds of ideas on how to update the BaseN Platform user interface. Several design agencies have offered their services, ranging from 5k€ to 100k€ per project. This has also been a common topic in our management team meetings.

However, the UI cannot be just bought in today’s virtual environment. It needs to change and adapt continuously and be able to follow trends. It is alive.

Think of today’s 13-year-old Xbox360 player using Microsoft’s Kincet controller, headset with a microphone and a 3D display. He’s playing Counterstrike (a first-person shooting game) using live teleconferencing with friends from South Korea, USA, Spain and Germany. They have a team, a project and a common goal – all within the game.

Now think what kind of user interface this person would like to see when he is 25?


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