BaseN’s Next-Level Edge Computing for Networks, IoT, CDN and DDoS

Networks, IoT, CDN and DDoS

BaseN has grown to be the Platform of choice for a multitude of mission critical industries, and some businesses running on top of us have hundreds of thousands of end customers, who take flawless access 24/7 for granted.  

BaseN Platform was designed to be inherently scalable and fault tolerant from its inception, which means we’ve put a lot of effort to maintain full service availability also during adverse conditions like being under Denial-of-Service attacks or otherwise degraded network conditions. Therefore we mostly rely on our own infrastructure what comes to global routing and peering, and there are BaseN-developed load balancing systems on all of our datacenter edges. We have both automatic and manual capabilities and options for any contingency. 

Due to our telecom heritage since the early 1990s, this has always been a given for us. However it’ll now be even more logical, as we’ve decided to offer our global capacity also as Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection services – also for other companies with similarly massive capacity needs. These include primarily media companies and critical services such as local governments’ digital services. 

The world knows only a few credible companies offering global CDN/DDoS protection services, largest being the grand old Akamai. We see that with our fully-owned IPR and infrastructure, plus superior analytics capabilities, we can be highly competitive also on this new marketplace.  

In the coming years we see that the CDN/DDoS protection capability fully integrates with our IoT Platform, or that they even become the same thing. We’ve seen that CDN/DDoS-only companies like Akamai and CloudFlare do flirt with IoT already; the nice thing about us is that the architecture is very different – and fully ours. Also, we’re the only prominent European company offering these services. 

As we extend our services to include Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, we bring our robust telecom heritage to the forefront. With a fully-owned infrastructure, superior analytics, and massive capacity, we aim to compete strongly in this domain, challenging giants like Akamai. Looking ahead, we envision seamless integration of CDN/DDoS protection with our IoT platform, forging a unified solution. Unlike other players, our architecture is distinct and wholly European, solidifying our commitment to innovation and reliability in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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