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As a private pilot, I’m subject to a quite thorough medical examination every two years. And since my military times back in the 1990s, I’ve had my blood pressure monitored as it was, already when I was 19, determined to be slightly on the high side.

High blood pressure is currently the top killer in many western societies, clearly topping other risks such as air pollution, traffic or Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore it is treated effectively, when, luckily as in my case, it is closely monitored. You probably have a few relatives who have experienced stroke or some other type of circulatory issue related to high blood pressure.

The issue with high blood pressure is that there are innumerable reasons for it – be it stress, high salt intake or high body-mass index. But, for the short term it is easy to treat – with an arsenal of medications available.

Some drugs expand veins, some lower pulse while some others remove salt, resulting in lower pressure. Most have side effects, such as redness, tiredness and even potency issues, but considering the risk, these are minor hindrances.

The human body is, however, a marvellous adapting machine, meaning that most blood pressure medications (at least in my case) lose their efficacy within 1-2 years. Since 1992, I’ve been using a total of 32 different medications for blood pressure – and only now some of the earliest onces are being recycled.

With readily available connectivity and spimes, I believe that high blood pressure treatment will be totally revolutionized. When body feedback is readily transmitted to a health spime with genetic background and blood pressure monitored with a microscopic aorta sensor every 10 seconds, drugs e.g. exercise recommendations can be be administered in real time.

With this new real time data feed, I’m also confident that we’ll find other reasons and remedies for high blood pressure, be it body or heart size, vein configuration of some totally new aspect. The most important thing is to collect data and keep analyzing.


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