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When BaseN hires people to any position, half of the interview is always dedicated to an ad-hoc role play where the applicant is presented a scenario with components from past BaseN endeavors. All interviews include two BaseN people, or more depending on the scenario. 

Compared to traditional interviews we used to conduct a few years ago, we’ve concluded that the scenario method yields far more information about the applicants. Most surprising are the otherwise promising candidates who just decline to participate, citing that they would have needed time to prepare. But.. in most of our positions, tasks must be faced without a period of preparation, using available skills. Such an interview ends there. 

So what does our scenario model actually measure? After a few tens of interviews and a lot of thinking, I believe that the answer is empathy. People who excel in these can be outgoing or shy, independent or collegial – very different people indeed. 

My conclusion is that in our kind of dynamic workplace, empathy and along with it the ability to perform mental scenarios without own prejudices are by far the most important skills people must possess. They will enable people to continuously develop and quickly adapt to new situations, while maintaining a curious mind. 

In other words, dreaming is allowed and encouraged – provided that it involves the BaseN Platform during working hours. 


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