IoT for a Smart Life – BaseN at TM Forum Live!

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During this week, May 9-12, BaseN is showcasing the latest developments in the two TM Forum catalysts “Smart Life” and “Smart Health” in the annual showcase event TM Forum Live! In Nice, France. BaseN is leading the “Smart Life” catalyst which focuses on delivering an energy awareness service to end-users to help them reduce their carbon footprint. The service allows seamless end-user sign-up and onboarding of ecosystem partners as well as connected objects like smart thermostats. Not only does it allow for automated energy consumption management at home, it also identifies available electric vehicle parking and charging stations on the go and therefore establishes a connection between one’s smart home with their smart city.

BaseN has also been a longterm member of the “Smart Health” catalyst which in this iteration also became more mobile. Patients’ health data is not only tracked at home anymore but also when they move around in the city. Wearable devices can then feed health and fitness data into the health tracking service, allowing for thorough condition monitoring. The full service runs on an easy-to-use app where patients can not only view their health measurements but also enable sharing of the information with health care professionals, book appointments with their doctors and track their insurance information.

Come and see both catalysts in the Internet of Things catalyst area at the Acropolis.

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