Inspiring Urban Innovation – BaseN’s Anders Viden at Smart City Exchange

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BaseN’s Vice President, Product Management, Mr. Anders Viden presents BaseN’s inherently scalable Internet of Things (IoT) platform in a panel discussion about smart cities. The topic of the panel discussion is: The City as a Platform. Building a System of Systems. The Smart City Exchange event spans out from February 28 to March 2 and takes place in Mexico City. 

With its inherent scalability, BaseN Platform is the perfect base for a Smart City and its verious applications. BaseN already powers numerous sustainability initiatives such as the smart buildings Adjutantti and Spinelli in Finland and VolkerWessels’ zero energy houses in the Netherlands and Germany.

Smart Cities, powered through the IoT, are the cities of the future. They are expected to be the key to combining a sustainable future with continued economic growth and job creation regardless of the size and development stage of the city.

About BaseN

With energy companies striving to offer increasingly sustainable, smart and safe living options to residents, BaseN paves the way for them to roll out sophisticated energy management systems cost – efficiently. BaseN has been serving international manufacturing giants and major ICT companies for the past 15 years in order to turn them into Industrial Internet forerunners. The BaseN Platform brings the required scalability to manage the entire lifecycle of billions of Things. It is the perfect foundation for a wide range of different Industrial Internet and Internet of Things (IoT) services and applications, e.g. in smart buildings and smart factories.

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