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As the IoT market evolves, we are seeing a wave of startups and legacy companies tuning their marketing messages in order to grab their share in the new digital economy. Some have started from connectivity (M2M), some have served a specific industry for years with analytics, while some are traditional cloud/virtual/hosted server providers. ERP is nowadays all IoT. Then there are combinations and behemoths like Amazon and Google.

Samsung’s recent acquisition of Joyent is particularly interesting, as in a footnote they confirmed that their IoT approach needs strong, own technology not readily available from current, entertainment-geared players. Quite a punch towards Google, who powers most of Samsung’s smartphones with Android.

With its 15 year history, BaseN has always been thinking full stack – meaning that we develop, own and operate the most essential parts of the infrastructure we use to provision services to our customers, in order to guarantee best service level and cost advantage. This concerns own Internet autonomous systems, IP transit/peering capacity, colocation, server hardware, core database/spime container and virtualization software, content delivery network (CDN) and also end-user connectivity (MVNO, meaning that we can also provision BaseN SIM cards and other access options). This sounds formidable, but we do have more than 120 years of telecom and mission critical systems experience in our core team, making it possible.

Full stack might not be that fashionable with the entertainment or gaming industry currently driving many cloud companies, but I see it as a must for real world companies delivering scalable, sustainable and mission critical IoT services. When, as happened just last week, our customer coins BaseN as the OCS, or Operational Core System, instead of Business or Operational Support System (BSS/OSS) in telco terms, we have done something right. Welcome to run your business on BaseN.


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