Digital Health for the Aging Population – TM Forum awards “Most Innovative Catalyst”

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The Digital Health catalyst, where BaseN cooperates with EricssonVerizon and Orange has won the award “Most Innovative Catalyst“. BaseN and partners have suggested a genuinely new approach to taking care of senior citizens at home, utilizing environmental data for tracking the wellbeing of senior citizens in a non-intrusive way.

The catalyst team explored how the myriad of data from an array of connected devices, sensors and meters at home could be best used to gain insights into the everyday behavior of senior citizens who are living alone. The presented use case demonstrated how analyzing household data such as electricity consumption down to device level, water consumption and gas usage, as well as non-intrusive sleep trackers, could provide valuable insights into a person’s daily routines.

“Monitoring these daily behavior patterns allows to track a person’s wellbeing and to easily detect changes that could indicate sudden physical impediments or arising depression”, says Corina Maiwald, Marketing Officer at BaseN. “In addition, utilizing data that is already there, meaning water and electricity consumption, is not invasive and enables family members or other caretakers to have an eye on an individual’s wellbeing without giving that person the feeling of being monitored or having to equip them with some sort of wristband.”

Independent aging is a global megatrend and digital health could play a valuable role to strengthen preventive care as this presented use case shows.

The catalyst team also presented another Digital Health use case, offering healthcare providers the means to determine a course of action based on active tracking of health conditions via medical devices. Starting with onboarding of partners who supply product offers to the ecosystem, this full scale eHealth service then follows the patient journey from application download, product and service ordering, health status monitoring, data handling, authenticated home visits of e.g. a nurse, and remote consultation by a doctor.

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